Charter transportation for individuals throughout Central Finland

I offer versatile taxi transportation for individuals throughout Central Finland. If needed, the taxi can take you to more remote destinations, too! Book a taxi now by calling 040 7277102

 In addition to Finnish, I can help you in Swedish, English, German and Italian.

Charter transportation, social insurance-paid transportation and even wedding transportation

I have over 30 years of experience with professional traffic. Customer satisfaction is essential to me, so I will help my customers as best as I can. I will even carry their shopping bags to the door, if needed.

In addition to regular charter transportation, I offer social insurance-paid (Kela) transportation. My company is also a part of Kela’s electronic direct compensation system.

I also carry out wedding transportation as a special service.

First-class taxi

My taxi car is a top-class Mercedes Benz E 200 Sedan, with Avantgarde features. The car is coloured tenorite gray, and it seats 1+4 persons on leather seats. In addition to the friendly service, my well-equipped car guarantees a comfortable ride!

Contact info

Satatax Oy
Kämppäkuja 7

040 7277102
Tapio Tarvainen