Satatax Oy – a taxi at your service in Central Finland

Do you need ready taxi transportation in Central Finland or does your company need transportation for its representatives or courier services? Whichever kind of a taxi service you require, Satatax Oy is the company to help you!

Services for companies and individuals

I am a company consisting of one experienced taxi driver and a top-quality taxi car from Saarijärvi. I offer my customers flexible and fast charter transportation that takes you to your destination comfortably.

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For companies, I offer transportation services for representatives as well as courier deliveries. You can count on the high quality of my transportation service, since I can help my customers not only in Finnish, but also in Swedish, English, German and Italian.

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An experienced driver at your service

I offer reliable and customer service-oriented taxi transportation in the Saarijärvi and Central Finland area. I started driving a taxi in 1977, so I have lots of experience. Contact me!

Contact info

Satatax Oy
Kämppäkuja 7

040 7277102
Tapio Tarvainen